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Trond Riiber Knudsen
TRK Group AS
Trond Riiber Knudsen was for 23 years a senior partner and member of McKinseys global leadership group. There, Trond advised leading companies on the effect of technology innovation on successful business strategies. Last year, he left McKinsey to establish his own platform, TRK Group www.trkgroup.no, for investments and advisory to tech startups with global growth ambitions.
He will share his perspective on the future in his keynote presentation "Disruptive Technologies - Advances that will transform life, business and the global economy".
Trond holds a sivilingeniør degree in construction technology from NTH and a MBA from Harvard Business School, where he was a Fulbright Scholar. 

Andreas Egense
Danish Road Directorate
For the last two years The Danish Road Directorate has had a keen interest in automated vehicles. We have been trying to find out how this technology will influence traffic and how it will change our role as infrastructure provider. 
I am the Directorates spokesperson for automated vehicles. I have studied the phenomenon and held several presentations on the matter. 
I am also head of a department in the Directorate that works with planning, projections for traffic in the future and cost/benefit analysis. 
I strive to make complicated material understandable and interesting.

Antti Vehviläinen        
Finnish Transport Agency
Mr Antti Vehviläinen started as Director General of the Finnish Transport Agency (FTA) at the beginning of 2013. FTA develops and maintains all national rail, road and maritime transport as an integrated transport system. FTA is also the owner of the built Finnish transport infrastructure.
Mr Vehviläinen has Masters Degrees in Economics and Business Administration both from Vaasa University in Finland and from the Henley Management College at the Brunel University, England.
Before working at the FTA he has held various strategic and operative management positions in Stora Enso for 25 years. Stora Enso is one of the world’s largest forest industry companies. His responsibilities have included the management and business development of corporate-level logistics and the development of logistics for strategic investments world-wide.
Before Stora Enso, he worked for ten years in commercial and financial management positions for different shipping lines based in Finland, Germany and Brazil.

Bjørn Kristoffer Dolva 
Norwegian Public Roads Administration
Bjørn Kristoffer Dolva –  Cand. Scient from University of Oslo.
With the Norwegian Public Roads Administration since 1985 and as a Project manager for intergovernmental R&D programme NIFS (Natural hazards - infrastructure for floods and slides) 2012-2016.
Norwegian transportation infrastructures are largely exposed to natural hazards such as floods, avalanches and landslides. Recent experiences show that these natural hazards have become more
frequent, primary due to extreme weather events. Since 2011, NPRA, along with Norwegian National Rail Administration (NNRA) and the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE),
has been working on a national level to develop robust approaches to mitigate of floods and landslides to minimise the consequences on infrastructure such as roads, railways, housing etc. This
intergovernmental R&D programme is referred to as NIFS.

Derek Drysdal
Highways England
    Derek is a world recognised expert in Lean Construction. He is the Chair of the Lean Construction Institute in the UK and a Visiting Professor at the School of the Built Environment at Salford University. He was also Divisional Director- Lean Improvement- Highways England reporting to Executive Director of Highways England until December 2016. His career has involved numerous senior executive level positions within large client organisations across roads and highways, railways, nuclear and general construction. He has managed a number of high profile and complex change programs in a number of sectors for example, the highly successful Implementation for the Roads Programme Review (Nichols Review) commissioned for the Secretary of State for Transport in UK.

Ingrid Dahl Hovland
New Roads Ltd, Norway

    Ingrid Dahl Hovland was in 2015 appointed CEO for the new State Company “Nye Veier”.She has previously led housing division in Selvaag Group and before that led a nationwide unit in Veidekke, responsible for contracting services of road and tunnel construction. Start of her career was as project manager for development projects in the NPRA.
She is a graduate from the University of Trondheim and worked until spring as CEO of Spenncon.

Jaakko Kivi

Lemminkäinen Oyj
Mr. Jaakko Kivi works as a SVP for the Technical Office of Lemminkäinen Infra projects. Lemminkäinen Infra has experience in complex infrastructure construction in northern Europe and areas of special expertise include challenging urban environments and traffic projects, as well as major industrial and power plant projects. 
Mr. Kivi has 20 year experience in infrastructure industry. He has graduated from Helsinki University of Technology in 1997 and has experience of various major infrastructure projects including several design-and-build, PPP and Alliance –projects.

Ketil Solvik-Olsen

Kjersti Kvalheim Dunham
Norwegian Public Roads Administration

Project Manager for Coastal Ferry-free Highway E39
Master in Structural Engineering Building 1994.
Background from concrete industry and quality work
Member of various boards and offices of FEHRL Executive Committee ( FEC ) 
Director of Rock Blasting Association and Director of Norwegian Tunneling Network . 
Former board member / manager Norwegian concrete union (2008 / 2012-15 ) 

Lena Erixon

Swedish Transport Administration
    She is since September 2015 the Director General at the Swedish Transport Administration (SRA) . 
Lena Erixon studied the management line at Stockholm University with a degree in 1982. In 1982-1984, she worked at the Municipality of Täby , first as Financial Secretary, then as budget director. She served on the Ministry of Finance from 1984 to 1988 and then as an investigator in the economy administrative section of the Association of Local Authorities. Between 1990-1994, she was included in the Association's staff.She was CFO of Södertälje 1995-2000.  She was employed at the SRA 2000-2010, the last year as Director General. When the Swedish Transport Administration was established in 2010 Erixon was appointed deputy director general and head of the business area "Society".  She was Director General of the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration from August 2012 to August 2015 In 2014 she was appointed Chair of the Employment Service Board. On June 5, 2015 she was appointed Director General of the Swedish Transport Administration.

Maria Krafft
Swedish Transport Administration


Mikkel Balskilde Hansen
Head of Traffic Unit
The Technical and Environmental Administration, City of Copenhagen


Marius Holm

    Marius Holm has for years distinguished himself as a clear and knowledgeable commentator and climate campaigner, and is in a Norwegian context a renowned energy and climate analyst. He has been the leader in ZERO in three years and has a background in Burston Marsteller and as deputy in Bellona. Professionally he especially worked with regulatory framework for renewable energy, the capture and storage of CO2, as well as technology and cost issues in the automobile and transportation. He graduated Cand.agric. (M.Sc.) in Economics and Resource Management at the University of Life Sciences in Ås

Pekka Petäjäniemi
Finnish Transport Agency
Mr. Pekka Petäjäniemi works as a Director for Major Infrastructure Projects Implementation Department in Finnish Transport Agency. The Annual budget for over 30 major projects has been around 700 Million euros and there are 26 project managers to take care of the projects. Major projects include roads, railways and fairways.
Mr. Petäjäniemi has over 30 year experience in infrastructure industry. He has graduated both Tampere Polytechnic (1986) and Technical University (1998). He has been involved both private and public sector as a Project Manager for Design and Planning Projects. In this period he has been worked also 2 Years in Germany. For construction projects he started at 2003 - first as project manager in Road Administration and since 2010 as a Head of Large Investment Projects Department in Transport Agency.
Mr. Petäjäniemi has specialized for Integrated Project Delivery -methods: He has developed together with other Finnish public customers and infrastructure industry European modification of Australian Project Alliancing -model. He has presented Finnish experiences of Project Alliance in many Lean in Public Sector -conferences (Tampere 2012, Nottingham 2013, Barcelona 2015) and other seminars and workshops (Netlipse 2012 Copenhagen, EIC 2013 Helsinki, IFME 2013 Helsinki, IGLC 2014 Oslo). As part of TAIEX -project he led two day workshop about project Alliance in Kosovo spring 2015.

Per Ritzler

National Tourist Routes Norway
Per Ritzler is responsible for Media and International Relations in the National Tourist Routes Project in Norway.
He has been Secretary General of the Nordic Association , Norway 

He has worked as correspondent in Sweden's radio and as a journalist he has editorial experience from several Nordic countries.  

Terje Moe Gustavsen
Director General

Norwegian Public Roads Administration