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There will not be any organized tours for accompanying persons during Via Nordica 2016, on this site you can see a selection of tours to explore!


There is a lot to explore in Trondheim and on this site we give you suggestions for different attractions and restaurants. 
We recommend that you download the Trondheim APP for more suggestions, contact information and addresses.

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King Olav Haraldsson was buried by Nidelven, the river Nid, after he was killed in the battle of Stiklestad in 1030. Tradition has it that the high Altar of the Cathedral now stands on the exact spot of this burial site. One year and five days after he died the King was declared a saint, and pilgrims began to flock to Nidaros and the King's grave. The national sanctuary of Norway, built over the grave of St. Olav. Work began in 1070, but the oldest parts still in existence date from the middle of the twelfth century. These are in the Romanesque style, while most of the cathedral is Gothic in style. The building was completed in about 1300, but after being damaged several times by fire, it lay largely in ruins at the time of the Reformation in 1537. In 1869 extensive restorations were begun, and a century later it was again restored to its original grandeur. The stained glass dates from the early 20th century. The sculptures on the west front are by leading Norwegian artists, and the most recent was erected in 1983. Below the nave is the crypt with headstones from the middle ages.
Open air museum with a multitude of exhibitions (indoor/outdoor) and also exciting activities for children and their families. Experience the atmosphere among vintage buildings from Trondheim and Trøndelag.
Ringve is a specialized museum dedicated to music and musical instruments. During the summer season all visitors are invited to a guided tour with Ringve's talented guides demonstrating historical instruments from the music history. The historical interiors of the main building provides a backdrop and add to this unique experience.
Rockheim is a national museum center of pop and rock. The exhibitions use temporary digital media diversity as method of presentation. Experience the museum by listening to concerts, using touch screens, lazer pens, mixer tables or test your guitar skills. Don't hesitate to ask the museum guides how things work.
The Rockheim building itself is also a visual attraction from the outside. The walls glow in shifting colors and patterns all night long.
Munkholmen "The Monks Island" - This was Trondheim's execution ground in ancient times and the Benedictine monks built a monastery on the island very early in the 11th century.In 1658 it was converted into a prison and fort, later becoming a custom house. Today this is a popular recreational area, with good bathing and restaurant. Tripps Boatservice runs the boat transport between Trondheim city centre and the island Munkholmen during the summer season (May - Sept). Munkholmen has a cafeteria/restaurant, sightseeing with a guide once per hour, and excellent facilities for sunbathing and swimming. Special arrangments for groups outside ordinary opening hours.


Astrum Grill & Raw Bar (congress hotel) - Hotel restaurant with a magnificent view of the city, the fjord and the Fosen Alps. On the menu are dishes in the fusion of Nordic cuisine with rustic American and sophisticated Asian dishes.    
Graffi grill & bar Solsiden - Casual barbecue restaurant. The menu consists of classic barbecue dishes such as burgers, steaks and chicken, and also sandwiches and salads. Graffi also has a restaurant at Solsiden.
Ai Suma - This restaurant mixes old fashioned interior with modern Italian inspired food. You will find it in one of the old wharves by river.
Credo Restaurant - Credo is a gourmet restaurant. The staff always recommend today's 5 course menu, but can also make an excellent 3 course menu if you prefer that. Or suggest even more than 5 courses. Credo always choose wines that goes perfect with the various courses. On the first floor of the restaurant house Credo also offers a rustic and affordable dining alternativ, called Jossa.
Egon Tårnet - 74 meters above the ground, you can enjoy a meal and a view of the city. The restaurant rotates slowly 360 degrees, so you can see all of Trondheim in one hour. Egon is a local restaurant chain. The menues varies from pizza, burger and beef to fish courses.